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Designed with uncompromising quality, using only high-quality stainless steel, this lunchbox by Earth Pulse is a great eco-friendly option for storing and transporting your on the go meals.  It is dishwasher safe and it will not rust or corrode.  An astonishing 20% of Earth Pulse’s profits are allocated to initiatives that are aimed at alleviating poverty.  They’ve also put together a really neat ebook with tips on how to go plastic free which can be viewed here –  Important note – this product is currently fulfilled through Amazon and is packaged in a thin plastic sleeve (click on “read more” to learn more).

3 separate compartments that hold 4 3/4 cups of food.

For children and adults.

Product is plastic free.

These stainless-steel lunchboxes have the potential to become fully sustainable alternatives to conventional lunchboxes that are often made from plastics and other synthetic materials.

More details – This was one of the first companies we identified during our product research phase and the quality of their product along with their commitment to social responsibility was memorable.  Many companies within this industry are mass producing similar products with little concern for socially responsible practices.  This is reflected in the price of their products and it makes it difficult for companies like Earth Pulse to compete.  So, when we heard Earth Pulse was thinking about closing things down, we insisted they give our platform a try.  Yo Bro Eco receives no commission for the sell of these products – we strongly believe in their mission and want to see them succeed.  For the time being, when you order this product from our site, it will ship directly from Amazon which is where the product is currently stored.  This will change as soon as conditions permit.

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